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Hand Lamination vs Chopper Gun

When comparing these two processes, there are some interesting facts one needs to consider.

  • Hand Laminated Pools do not have “thin” spots.
  • Hand Laminated Pools have a higher Fibre to Resin content, thus making hand lamination far superior as your strength is in the mat and not the resin.
  • Hand lamination is more labour intensive, thus you have more attention to detail.
  • The world’s leading boat and yacht manufacturers use a hand lamination and vacuuming process.
  • Chopper Guns spray the mat and resin out, thus resulting in a higher resin to fibre ratio.
  • Although a chopper gun can be adjusted to a lower resin content the resin content is still too high in relation to the fibre content. The results are a far weaker pool, less flexable, and a lower tensile strength. In actual fact the strength and tensile strength are so badly affected that the aviation industry does not recognise chopper guns in the construction of aircracfts.
  • Although it is cheaper to manufacture a pool using a chopper gun, one must realise that the structure and integrity of a pool has been compromised for greed of a greater profit.
  • Chopper guns were developed for the European and American market for jacuzzis and sanitary wear, because of the high cost of labour in the developed countries.
  • We at Pools for Africa believe in job creation and thus feel that by using a chopper gun the customer will be receiving an inferior pool at his cost in order for the manufacturer to make higher profit at the cost of the economy and the client.
  • We believe when one compromises, it must be for the mutual benefit of both client and manufacturer, which the chopper gun method does not provide.
  • There is one thing to remember: chopper gun cannot give you a woven roven mat which hand lamination does. A woven roven mat has a higher tensile strength than stainless steel.
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