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Hand Lamination & Chopper Gun

Hand Lamination: (Deluxe Range)

  • Hand Laminated Pools do not have “thin” spots as a result of the aplication method (layers of fiberglass rolls overlapping each other).
  • Hand Laminated Pools have a higher Resin to Fiber content, thus making the hand laminated pool less flexable, resulting in a more rigid product.
  • Cost of manufacturing is higher as a result of more materials used and more labour intensive.
  • The worlds leading boat and yacht manufacturers still uses the handlamination process to manufacture the “hulls” where the Choppergun is only used for the deck.
  • There is one thing to remember: Choppergun can not give you a woven roven mat which Hand Lamination does. A Woven Roven Mat has a higher tensile strength than Stainless Steel.

Choppergun: (Standard Range)

  • Choppergun processed pools are less labour intensive and was developed by 1st world countries to reduce labour costs.
  • Chopper Guns spray the mat and resin out, thus resulting in a higher resin to fibre ratio but less Resin than the hand lamination process.
  • Allthough the choppegun appears thinner the desity is higher.
  • Chopperguns uses less Resin and less labour thus saving costs.
  • Overall your Choppegun is the “cheaper” alternative due to the cost savings on both labour, materials and time
  • Allthough it is cheaper to manufacture a pool using a Choppergun, one must realise that the structure and integrity of the pool can easily be compromised by a inconsistent Operator.
  • An Operator plays a Pivotal role in this manufacturing process as the human factor might have potential risks.

In conclusion……

Both methods have their individual benefits and both have proven to have a place in the market. We believe that both products will do the job…and for that reason we manufacture and offer both.

The choice is yours…


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