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8 tips for summer pools in water restricted areas


1)    Close or hibernate your pool with a cover. By keeping the pool closed, evaporation will be minimized and water levels will remain almost constant. Be sure to use a cover that does reduce evaporation for example a bubble/solar pool cover, rigid pool cover or a vinyl cover. Leaf covers and safety nets are not effective in reducing evaporation.

2)    If you have features such as fountains or jets in your pool, turn them off. Not only do they increase power consumption, the aeration will increase water evaporation.

3)    If you have an older pool pump, look into a newer more eco-friendly and water-efficient pool pump.

4)    Don’t be tempted to abandon your pool and empty it or let the water lie stagnant. It can become a health risk and also a drowning risk. An empty pool will also rise from the ground without the weight of the water to keep the structure in place.

5)    Don’t use recycled kitchen or bath water in your pool – the ammonia found in cleaning agents and detergents can wreak havoc on a pool’s pH and quickly degrade any PVC covers or accessories. Instead, collect rainwater and use it to top up your pool, if needed. Installing rainwater collection tanks or using a gutter run-off water pipe are clever ideas.

6)    Keep the water in the pool! Avoid diving and boisterous swimming to reduce splashing.

7)    Never leave a heated pool uncovered – warmer water evaporates more quickly.

8)    For those who let their dogs swim, this is equivalent to 30 people swimming at once. It requires the filtration system to work even harder to oxidize any pet residue like fur, as well as increasing evaporation and water loss from splashing.



5 Interesting concepts for designing Swimming Pools

A swimming pool is a definitive lawn enhancement. It’s the focal point of family existence with kids spending quite a bit of their summers in the water. Different homeowners see a pool as a solid aesthetic component, the concentration of the whole scene.

At the point when pools incorporate water features, extraordinary lighting, popular materials and configuration highlights, they have an intense impact on the outside living space, especially when it is lit up by night lighting. With regards to swimming pools, the style choices are boundless. Designing swimming pools in a comparable manner will make it look as though it was there from the beginning.


What is Swimming Pool Maintenance?

All swimming pools have the potential to have picture perfect clear water. It takes time and work to get it this way though. Swimming pool maintenance is best done by professionals but you will also be required to do a little work on it yourself.

Below we have compiled a list of basic swimming pool maintenance activities:


What types of pools do you prefer? Concrete or Fibreglass?

When it comes to choosing between a fibreglass swimming pool and a concrete (also known as Gunite) swimming pools, there are both pros and cons to both. Bear in mind that cost should not be the only factor that assists you with your choice, factors such as maintenance and what the pool will look like; including the size plays a pivotal role in your decision.

Fibreglass pools are generally less costly than concrete and this includes the maintenance too. However, there are both benefits to a fibreglass pool as well as a concrete pool. Deciding on which to go with should be easier if you consider the below points.


Why You Should Choose Top Quality Fibreglass Pools

A swimming pool is a terrific investment, providing endless family fun as well as the perfect escape from South Africa’s baking heat. When you are looking to install a pool at your home or in a complex, you want to ensure that you are dealing with experts who will fit a pool that suits the space and budget, while lasting for many years to come.


We Specialise in All Types of Swimming Pool Installations

At Pools for Africa, we strive to bring your dream swimming pool to life – which is why we specialise in manufacturing of all types of swimming pool shapes and sizes.

In South Africa, a pool is a safe haven from the summer heat, and a popular feature in any home. It provides endless entertainment for people of all ages, while it is also the ideal place for a little relaxation. more…

The Truth About Installing Fibreglass Pools

What is the truth behind Fiberglass Pools and Pool Installation? Pools for Africa has been in the pool industry for more than 24 years. We have seen Pool Companies come and go, manufacturers open, close, and open again under new names. We have seen all the tricks in the trade. One thing is steadfast: Reputation.


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