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We service: Western,Eastern, Northern Cape, Gauteng and Namibia

About Us

Fiberglass Swimming Pools For Africa

Pools for Africa supplies the Western, Northern and Eastern Cape, as well as the greater Gauteng region with quality fiberglass swimming pools. We specialize in the manufacture, supply and export of these fiberglass swimming pools.


With more than 23 years of fiberglass manufacturing experience, with thousands of our shells in the ground in Cape Town and the greater Western, Eastern and Northern Cape area, we focus on supplying a complete package to our clients. You can trust that we will always be able to meet your swimming pool needs, as we have become one of the most known manufacturers of fiberglass swimming pools.

We go through three important stages to manufacture our pools. Firstly we create the pattern, thereafter we will create the mould of the pool and then our pools will be fully functional. The only process that you will have to wait on is choosing what pool you’d like. The reason for this is because we do the entire three-step process before you even decide to install a pool.

Choosing the perfect swimming pool supplier is not an easy task, and we are here to assure you that we are the best, through our experience, knowledge, and dedicated customer service. The benefits of our fiberglass pools are endless, no hassle and easy installation, leaving you to enjoy the pleasure of your own pool. Our fiberglass swimming pools are intended to have the greatest chemical resistance. The glass reinforcements are tough and ready to withstand harsh conditions.

The scope of fiberglass swimming pools have a smooth texture with a polished finish which prevents the growth of algae that develops on the pool surface.When buying fiberglass pools there is no compelling reason to stress over thediscolouring surface. These pools have UV protected layers which guarantee that the fading of your pool surface will be a thing of the past.

We like to move with the market, which is why we are adding new molds to our range every year as the need arises, and we now have branches in both Namibia and Gauteng. Each of our pools is intended for ideal pleasure and simple installation.

It is our mission to provide only the best products and services, leaving you with the quality and peace of mind that you expect and deserve.


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